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Industrial ultraviolet solutions

Peschl Utraviolet GmbH is a worldwide active solution provider for pioneering UV technology in industry, research and medical technology since 1999.



  • Ex-certified photo-reactors for large scale production
  • Phororeactors for process development
  • Turn-key pilot scale photoreactors
  • Micro-photoreactors
Advanced Oxidation Processes

UV-Oxidation (AOPs)

    • COD destruction in effluents prior to sewage treatment
    • Elimination of pharmaceutical contaminations (APIs)
    • Cyanid destruction in galvanising processes
    • EDTA degradation
    • TOC removal for ultra pure water (UPW)
      UV disinfection


      • Air disinfection
      • Water disinfection
      • Surface disinfection
      Exhaust Air Treatment

      Exhaust air scrubbing

        • Kitchen extraction air purification
        • Odour elimination
        • VOC breakdown


          VUV-Surface Cleaning

          VUV-Surface Cleaning

          • Acceleration of the water desorption in vacuum chambers
          • Cleaning of printed circuit boards
          Lamps & Components

          Lamps & Components

          • UV-Radiation sources
          • Power suppliy equipment
          • Quarz glass & Filters
          • Plugs and socket
          • Switching & Control Systems
          • UV-Measuring technology

          Special UV Installations

          Engineered UV-systems

          • Turn-key UV-disinfection tunnel
          • Customized UV-modules and ready to use machines
          • Industry 4.0 ready with automatization as modular product

          Gain advantage from our many years of experience, our competence and innovation in the design of UV systems.