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Industrial ultraviolet solutions

Peschl Utraviolet GmbH is a worldwide active solution provider for pioneering UV technology in industry, research and medical technology since 1999.



  • Ex-certified photo-reactors for large scale production
  • Phororeactors for process development
  • Turn-key pilot scale photoreactors
  • Micro-photoreactors
Advanced Oxidation Processes

UV-Oxidation (AOPs)

    • COD destruction in effluents prior to sewage treatment
    • Elimination of pharmaceutical contaminations (APIs)
    • Cyanid destruction in galvanising processes
    • EDTA degradation
    • TOC removal for ultra pure water (UPW)
      UV disinfection


      • Air disinfection
      • Water disinfection
      • Surface disinfection
      Exhaust Air Treatment

      Exhaust air scrubbing

        • Kitchen extraction air purification
        • Odour elimination
        • VOC breakdown


          VUV-Surface Cleaning

          VUV-Surface Cleaning

          • Acceleration of the water desorption in vacuum chambers
          • Cleaning of printed circuit boards
          Lamps & Components

          Lamps & Components

          • UV-Radiation sources
          • Power suppliy equipment
          • Quarz glass & Filters
          • Plugs and socket
          • Switching & Control Systems
          • UV-Measuring technology

          Special UV Installations

          Engineered UV-systems

          • Turn-key UV-disinfection tunnel
          • Customized UV-modules and ready to use machines
          • Industry 4.0 ready with automatization as modular product

          Gain advantage from our many years of experience, our competence and innovation in the design of UV systems.


          Mainz, 12. September 2018

          The research and development project:
          „Development of new LED-Light Sources for use in Plants for efficient Iddriation Systems to reduce the CO2 footprint"
          is funded by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund.