Preparative photochemistry

MPDSBASIC - Standard photo-reactor system

Standard Photoreactors

Ready-for-use, professional Standard-Photoreactors for reproducible basic research in the laboratory. Can always be evolved into process development systems

MPDS EVO Photochemical process development

Process Development Systems

Photreactor system in the form of a "Mini Plant" toolbox for collecting process-relevant data with different reactors, radiation sources, pumps, and measuring equipment, as well as innovative plant control.

Pilot photoreactors


Turn-key standard- and tailor made pilot-photoreactors, based on an innovative integrated and flexible modular platform invented by Peschl Ultraviolet.

Industrial photoreactor systems

MTQSYNTEC Produktion Photoreactor

Turn-key, Ex/ATEX-certified industrial scale photoreactors for commercial production, such as side-loop, falling film, thin layer and agitated photoreactors up to 45.000 liter volume

Industrial immersion lamp module

MTQILS Immersion lamps for Produktion Reactors

Ready to use Ex-/ATEX certified immersion lamp modules with 10 up to 60 kW per radiation source, opeated  with leakage transformers and advanced electronic power supply technology

Photochemical Processes Consulting

Photochemical Processes Consulting

Consultancy services in the domain of preparatrive photochemistry, advanced photoreactor development and photochemical processes


Photochemistry is often the method of choice in photosynthesis. Many organic syntheses are successfully completed by first iradation with UV or, if not completed, are significantly accelerated. Unlike thermal excitation, light-induced reactions usually run at room temperature, so they are more economical.Sensitive molecules are not destroyed and there are fewer by-products.

The name Peschl Ultraviolet GmbH and the concept "advanced ultraviolet technology" stand for global competence in the design, construction and delivery of professional plant and equipment for industrial photochemistry in the laboratory- development- and production environments. 

The symbiosis of professional photochemical process consulting und techical plant implementation, together with all services from a single source, provide a powerful combination to ensure your success. We offer decades of experience and innovation so that we can gyarantee the professional, fast and efficient implementation of photochemical plants. For more than ten years we have offered our customers standard system which are ATEX certified globally. Speak to us. You will soon realise that we are your partners in applied photochemistry..