Standard and customized UV Special Systems

Tailored, UV-based solutions for your production.

UV Module for bottle neck disinfection after rinsing or cleaning. Ideally, the CleanCover Tunel is located just in front of the filler station.

By installing CleanCover, product disinfection dependability is increased on long lines (where there can be recontamination by air-borne germs) and prevents problems of contact contamination from contact with personnel during necessary handling.

The tunnel allows access to bottles during storage, can adapt to various shapes (adjustment without the need for special tools) and can be used with different widths of conveyor belt.

Notable product features

  • Easy adjustment to match shape change with no need for special tools.
  • Easy lamp replacement, within minutes, with no need for special tools and no need to dismantle the tunnel.
  • Can be adapted to different widths of conveyor belt because of its modular design.
  • Totally water-tight (IP67)
  • LampSafe Shatter protection
  • Inlet and outlet plates can be removed with no need for tools.
  • Robust, compact stainless steel housing, with no external air- or water-cooling.

Recommended areas of application

  • Bottle neck disinfection in drinks filling plant.
  • Set-up of product channels in adjacent areas
  • Surface disinfection of small containers and packaging materials before they are subjected to further processing.
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