Air disinfection

Germ-free without chemicals!

Air disinfection SterisolDUCT


Ready-to-fit module for air conditioning systems with high power lamps. Can be supplied to suit different air flows and applications. 

Air disinfection IRM


UVC modules for inyegration in and on evaporator systems to prevent condensate germination and the creation of bio films.

Air disinfection DTS Immersion lamp

DTS Immersion Emitter

Multi-function and universal immersion tube system, with replaceable UVC lamps, water-tight and optionally shatter-proof.

Air disinfection SterisolSTRIP


Emitter strips for Air- and surface-disinfection.

Air disinfection PUVSTRIP


Emitter strips for air- and surface-disinfection, available as free-hanging, wall-mounted or downlight  strips.


UVC-air disinfection systems are today successfully found in industry, medicine, and research as well as in private and public buildings. By means of UVC air disinfection, product and storage failures are minimised, the spreading of germs is prevented, relief is provided for people with asthma and allergies, laboratories can be kept microbiologically clean, isolation stations are protected and personal protection for people in hospitals is ensured. Consequently, UVC disinfection plays an important role in the struggle to combat the growing and ever-growing danger of nosocomial bacterial infections (hospital infections), such as those caused by MRSA pathogens, which are resistant to antibiotics. In additon, UVC lamps are now the state-of-the-art (see VDI 6022) in air conditioning systems in public and private buildings, on ships and in hospitals. There are untold areas of application and the number grows every day.

Modules for Integration in Air-Conditioning Systems
By integrating ready-to-fit UVC high power modules in new and existing air conditioning plant, the air is reliably disinfected. This is a state-of-the-art method according to VDI 6022 and improves the hygiene of your facility in the long term.

Direct UVC-Air Disinfection

Ceiling emitters are the the equipment primariliy used for direct air disinfection in rooms and spaces with a high germ count but frequently they can be built into product channels, machines and other equipment. The principle of "direct disinfection" requires that such devices are used exclusively at times when there are no people present. It also provides surface disinfection of any illuminated surfaces. The PUV6010 instrument is specially designed for the homogenous removal of germs in the workplace, from laboratory tables and workbenches.

Indirect UVC-Air Disinfection

Devices for "indirect air disinfection" take the form of freely suspended or wall emitters. The UVC light is set for zone irradiation of the upper air space ("upper air irradiation") and demonstrably and drastically lowers the germ level in the air. Germ-laden air reaches the radiation zone of the zone radiation device by natural convection and micro-organisms are effectively destroyed. Devices for indirect air disinfection can be used in the presence of people, as long as a minimum fitting height (frm the floor to the bottom of the device) of 2.40m is ensured. The steel cable suspension of the suspension fitting can be easily adjusted in a matter of seconds without tools. 

Moreover, the investment- and operating costs of the system are extremely low and installation and operation is simple. Custom-bult solutions can be supplied if required. Viruses, bacteria, yeasts, mildews and other micro-organisms are inactivated or destroyed Essentially, the radiation power of the device and the deliveredUV dose are sufficient to kill micro-organisms. From modules for simple installations up to the individual development of solutions for high value processes, we are your partner.