ATEX certified photoreactors for applied preparative photochemistry from laboratory to commercial scale

Systems for air, water and surface disinfection using UVC

“Advanced Oxidation” photoreactors for the detoxification and purification of wastewater and exhaust air

Vacuum UV treatment systems for accelerated desorption of surface water in UHV chambers and surface modification prior to bonding of various materials

Components for OEMs such as customized lamps, power supplies, measurement systems and system groups for “plug and play” integration

Consulting, maintenance of UV systems, measurement of light sources and materials, laboratory tests, programming and engineering

A head start through innovation

As a market leader in applied photochemistry, Peschl Ultraviolet GmbH has been supplying efficient photoreactors for large-scale production, automated process development systems and scientifically based consulting services worldwide since 1977.
Since 1980, the company has also been serving the (food) industry, medicine and trade with innovative and high-performance products for UV disinfection, exhaust air purification for industry and large-scale catering establishments, surface modification and pollutant removal.

The research and development project:

„Development of new LED-Light Sources for use in Plants for efficient Iddriation Systems to reduce the CO2 footprint”

is funded by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund.