Company profile

Peschl Ultraviolet GmbH with its headquarter in Mainz / Germany and international subsidiaries and agencies in Europe, Asia and USA, is a family owned, international operating manufacturer of solutions in the domain of applied Ultraviolet-Technology.

The company develop, manufacture and distribute UV-systems for industrial, medical, environmental applications as well as for research and development world wide.

All products developed and manufactured by Peschl Ultraviolet are strictly made with highly sophisticated manufacturing processes and top level quality standards.

Company fact sheet

  • Year founded
  • Annual sales
  ca. 3.500.000 EUR
  • Number of employees
  • Sales representative
  in 12 countries worldwide
  • Number of installed photoreactors on a commercial scale
  ~ 400 Installations
  • Electrical output of installed UV systems in Western Europe
  ~ 6.750 kW

Market position in photochemistry

  • Market leader for photo-reactors with 38 years experience in the most complex UV application world wide
  • Innovative inventor with many patents in different UV-Technologies
  • Scientific team of reputated experts in the domain of applied photochemistry Prof. André Braun, Prof. Esther Oliveros, Dr. José Salas-Vicente
  • Close relationship to the international academia and groups of specialists

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