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From the first sketch to the 3D design and from the prototype to the finished UV product – we offer you as a design service provider for ultraviolet application technology everything from a single source. The focus is on the selection of suitable radiation sources for the application and their optimized operation in order to create powerful and energy-efficient solutions. Furthermore, we are specialized in glass-metal bonding technology.

As a pioneer in UV application technology, we have been innovators in the industry for several decades. Over the years, new customer-specific solutions have been developed in combination with new materials and technologies. Each individual technology has very specific individual strengths and limitations. We therefore shed light on the application and support you with professional transfer in the development of new, innovative UV solutions, so that optimal systems are created to solve the corresponding task.

When using radiation sources for exposure and the associated system design, a way must be found, based on the objective of economical manufacture of a product, between theoretical and practical feasibility, availability of the assemblies and consideration of safety aspects. This includes the integration of the targeted process with the equipment effort.

When designing systems for photochemical use, interdisciplinary know-how is required to develop the correspondingly targeted system in an optimized and efficient manner.

We support our customers here with over 25 years of experience in this difficult task and are able to supply the necessary assemblies.

Not only the heart of the photochemical plant, usually the immersion lamp with different immersion tube and filter tube designs, is selected and determined with our customer according to the above-mentioned objective. Also the suitable reactors as well as the required framework with hardware deployment for the operation of these lamps require the expertise regarding the specifics of photochemical processes in order to function efficiently.

From the multitude of possibilities of reactor versions, we will mention only a few here:

  • Batch reactors
  • Batch in stirred tank
  • Side loop reactors
  • Falling film reactors
  • Rayonet design reactors
  • Inclined bed reactors
  • External irradiators
  • Positive or negative irradiation geometries
  • Pressure reactors
  • Microphotoreactors
  • High-turbulence or laminar reactors

Common sources of radiation are:

  • Fluorescent tubes
  • Hg- low pressure type, rod- or U- shaped
  • Hg low-pressure high-power type, rod-shaped, or U-shaped
  • Hg medium-pressure radiator
  • Sodium vapor radiator
  • Xenon and inert gas types
  • Eximer lamps
  • Special emitters in many geometric versions ( coiled, meandering, etc.)

Ballasts for the operation of the radiation sources are adequately selected according to the requirements and specifications and are designed with fixed power setting, stepped power selection or also infinitely variable.

For our part, the safety and operating technology includes the supply of a complete ATEX-certified immersion lamp, complete pilot reactors, switchgear and much more.

Basically, our diving lamps comply with the ATEX directive, the pressure equipment directive PED 97/23EG, are approved and certified by TÜV and have the CE mark.

Classical photochemical processes have been systematically adapted to new possibilities of radiation technology, process engineering and new operating conditions (safety, environmental protection) for several years and will also be integrated into new product-specific process sequences in the foreseeable future. In the production of new materials (e.g. composite membranes, functionalized or structured surfaces of films and particles), for the cleaning and sterilization of surfaces and for the treatment of industrial wastewater, photochemical processes also prove to be very advantageous.

In many cases, evaluation and planning of such processes require a relatively detailed mechanistic basic knowledge, so that side reactions can be avoided and the desired product can be produced with optimal efficiency + economy.

In practice, this basic knowledge determines the type of emitter, irradiation geometry, the target range of irradiation density and duration, reactor size and design, and finally details of chemical process engineering.

Specialized in the aspects of photochemical technology, we cooperate with the Quantapplic company (Prof. Dr. A.M. Braun, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology and Dr. E. Oliveros, Université Paul Sabatier, Toulouse) in the field of well-founded, scientifically validated consulting in order to provide our customers with the most comprehensive and detailed knowledge possible of the process and to offer a process-accompanying exchange of experience.

We are happy to arrange contact with Quantapplic, but are also prepared to offer their services as a general contractor.

We offer comprehensive possibilities for independent physical measurement and evaluation of UV radiation sources of all makes as well as a wide variety of UV equipment.

Peschl Ultraviolet GmbH operates its own UV technical center as a test and service life laboratory and offers, depending on the requirements, as a general contractor and project manager, radiation physical measurements and service life tests from UV to IR.

Only the professional and physically correct evaluation of systems allows statements to be made about efficiency, radiation loss, service life and the general as well as application-specific operating conditions of a product. We would be pleased to support you in this.

Peschl Ultraviolet GmbH offers you the possibility to carry out preliminary tests and functional tests using UV radiation sources and modules. Thus, a large number of devices from our own development are available for tests. Especially for light-induced curing tests of adhesives and potting compounds, solutions can be identified immediately and measures for process optimization can be tested empirically without great effort.

Furthermore, we offer you the possibility to carry out tests together in the fully equipped “Application Competence Center”, in short “ACC” of the company Heraeus Noblelight. Tests from VUV to VIS at the highest level.

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