Surface Cleaning in UHV

VUV lamps

In industry, the functionalization and coating of surfaces under vacuum conditions is now state of the art and indispensable.

For this purpose, surfaces are treated under vacuum or inert atmosphere. In any evacuation process, the slow desorption of water films on the surface of the chamber, as well as organic contaminants, poses a problem.

To date, it has been common practice to accelerate desorption by heating to a temperature of 250°C. However, this process still requires several hours.


Cold heating of the vacuum chamber with VUV

Peschl Ultraviolet offers special VUV radiation sources, which use high-energy “cold” UV radiation in

Vacuum UV (VUV) at 185nm (approx. 6.7 eV) and 172 nm, respectively.

These wavelengths correspond to the resonant frequency of H2O and are used to rapidly break the molecular bonds on the substrate, whereupon the free gaseous molecules can be extracted.

Furthermore, surfaces can be efficiently and quickly freed from organic contaminants.

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LIGHT VUV 172-20 / 120 KFS0HV




Excimer Cassettes

Robust high performance units


LIGHT VUV 172-7×18 Cassette

  • Aluminum housing
  • Front panel 70mm x 175 mm

LIGHT VUV 172-17×17 Cassette

  • Housing made of aluminum (320 x 230 x 75)
  • Front panel 170mm x 170 mm


Excimer products for OEMs

Lamps, ballasts and components


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